Your prospects are your lifeline, and they deserve better emails. 

Frankly, they're tired of this.

No emotion or personalization 

No urgency

List of benefits instead of specific solutions

Unclear call-to-action

You could be their breath of fresh air.

Start better conversations with prospects through clear and creative messaging, and drive more meetings to your pipeline.

Creative personalization

Conversational tone

Clear on how you make their lives better 

Relevant to buyer's specific challenges

Engaging call-to-action

Ready to break through the noise?

CopyShoppe will get you there.


Here's how we help

Sales Engagement Training

Tailored training sessions to make sure you're maximizing your Outreach or SalesLoft investment.

Campaign Creation

Custom-fit engagement strategy that incorporates creative touch points and email copy using our 5-Step Framework.

A/B Testing 

Continuous A/B testing in your campaigns, on variables like subject lines, content, send schedules and much more.


 We let the data speak for itself and optimize based on what's producing results.

Platform Management

With our own Admin seat, we handle the heavy lifting for you, like installs, weekly sequence management, A/B testing and data reporting.


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